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Some, but not all of my flipthroughs, have pictures in that I have coloured so you can see what pictures in the book can look like. I have even filmed flip-throughs of my completed colouring book; Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion by Amelia Gregory, and my first colouring book Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford, which although not completed, has a lot of coloured pages. I have a collection that is still growing – for every book I buy three more get added to my wish list. I am also being sent advanced review copies for some of the books from the publishers now, so there is more to come.  When I have a quite a full book I will film an updated flip-through so you can see the coloured pictures.

At the moment I have a primitive setup with my iphone and a wobbly stand. My iphone is only 16GB and I can’t add extra storage (Blooming Apple!) so I am limited to the length of the videos I can film. I am hoping that I will be able to make more storage space to enable filming of longer videos – then I can do tutorials! If anyone can suggest an economical way of doing this please let me know.

My channel name is just under my name – Hazel Smithies. Here’s a link to my main page –

Here is a list of the colouring books I currently have flip-throughs for.

A Christmas Carol – Vladimir Aleksic and Kate Ware

Adult Colouring Book of Expressions – Deepak Srinivasa

Adult Colouring Books

Adult Coloring Books Treasury 2

Adventures in Color – Kaffe Fassett

A Fantasy Art Adventure – Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Alice In Wonderland – Fabiana Attensio

Alphonse Mucha: Make Your Own Art Masterpiece – Daisy Seal

Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion – Amelia Gregory

A Million Cats – Lulu Mayo

Animal Kingdom – Millie Marotta

Animorphia – Kerby Rosanes

Animorphia Notebook – Kerby Rosanes

Around The World Trip – Funo Yanagawa

Art for the Players The Official Playstation Colouring Book

Astro-Inklings – Tanya Boyd

Autumn Falls – Ebony Rainn

Awesome Town – Melissa Averinos

A Very Mice Colouring Book Summertime with the House-Mouse Family – Ellen Jarecke

Back to the 80s – Lighthouse Media

Beautiful Creatures – Nicole Stocker

Beautiful Nature – Nicole Stocker

Big Kids Coloring Book: Pen and Ink Illustrations, Restored District Williamsburg – Dawn D. Boyer

Birdtopia Postcards – Daisy Fletcher

Blomster Mandala – Maria Trolle

Bohemian Adventures – Valori Wells

Bold Springtime to Color – Eleri Fowler

Carovne Lahodnosti / Magical Delights- Klara Markova ( Stunning Czech book)

Cat and the united Kingdom – Diane Elson

Color Me, Fold Me – Ruby Phoenix

Color Odyssey – Chris Garver

Color Origami Botanica

Color Super Cute Animals – Jane Maday

Coloured Pencil Painting Bible – Alyona Nickelsen

Colouring Flowers

Colouring Heaven Gothic Special – Selina Fenech

Colour Me To Sleep – Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter

Colour My Sketchbook – Bennett Klein

Colour with me mum – Jasmine Narayan and Hannah Davies

Creative Cats – Marjorie Sarnat

Creative Colouring Inspirations-Valentina Harper

Creative Designs: Floral Designs – Jessica Mazurkiewicz

Creative Faces – Andreja Vucajnk

Crystal Menagerie – Michelle Waldie

Cuties : 50 coloriages mystères –Machulska-Le Méné, Maria

Dagdrommar – Hanna Karlzon

Darth Vader and Family – Jeffrey Brown

Daydreams – Hanna Karlzon

Day of the Dead – Mauro Mazzara

Disney Girls

Disney Les Ateliers Coloriages Mysteres

Doodle Animals-Matt White

Doodle Designs:World of Animals

Dot to Dot In Colour Wildlife Paradise and Natural World – Shane Madden

Dracula: A Colouring Classic by Chellie Carroll

Drawing and Painting Flowers with Coloured Pencil – Trudy Friend (not a Colouring Book)

Dreamweaver – Olivia Whitworth

Droomreis – Maria Trolle (Vivi Soker En Van Dutch edition)

Earth and Space Coloring Book

Enchanted – Selina Fenech

Enchanted Forest – Johanna Basford

Escape to Christmas Past – Good Wives and Warriors

Escape to Shakespeare’s World – Good Wives and Warriors

Escape to Wonderland – Good Wives and Warriors

Faglar and Fjarilar – Nadja Wedin

Fairies (Grayscale) – Alena Lazareva

Fairies (Line Art) – Alena Lazareva

Fairies in Dreamland – Denyse Klette

Fairies in Wonderland – Marcos Chin

Fairy Fantasy – Jason Hamilton

Fairy Houses and Fairy Doors Volume 1 – Dawn D. Boyer

Fairy Houses and Fairy Doors Volume 2 – Dawn D. Boyer

Fairy Houses and Fairy Doors Volume 3 – Dawn D. Boyer

Fairy Houses and Fairy Doors Volume 4 – Dawn D. Boyer

Fairy Shampoo – Jo Su-Jin

Fairy Tales – Emelie Lidehall Oberg

Fairy World – Barbara Lanza

Fantasia – Nicholas Chandrawienata

Fantastic Collections – Steve McDonald

Fantastic Planet – Steve McDonald

Fantasy Kingdom – Alena Lazareva

Fantasy Mermaids Fairies – Alena Lavazera

Fantasy Season – Yukako Ohde

Fantasy World – Alena Lazareva

Fashion Life – Alena Lazareva

Floribunda Colouring Journal – Leila Duly

Folk Art Patterns to Color – Megan Cullis

Frame Fantasia – Toc de Groc

Gift Boxes to Colour: Birds and Blossom – Felicity French

Girls Colouring Book – Yuka Sato

Goddess – Alena Lazareva

Great British Bake Off – Tom Hovey

Groovy 70s – Lighthouse Media

Halloween: A Spine-Tingling Fantasy Adventure – Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Hansel and Gretel – Rosa

Happiness of Minuet Beautiful Flowers and Cute Animals /Minuet de Bonheur- Egusa kanoko

Happy Hoppers Coloring Book- Ellen Jareckie

Harmony of Nature – Mihoko ‘Garden’ Kurihara

Harry Potter Colouring Book

Harry Potter Magical Places & Characters

Harukana Yuenchi – Takako Matsuzawa

HBO Tv Series: The Game of Thrones Colouring Book

Hidden Nature – Toc De Groc

Ingen Vanlig Dag – Emelie Lidehall Oberg

Inklings – Tanya Bond

Johanna’s Christmas – Johanna Basford

Journey in Color: French Baroque – Molly Hatch

Joyous Blooms to Color – Eleri Fowler

Just Add Colour: Flora and Fauna – Lisa Congdon

Just Add Colour: Wildflowers – Lisa Congdon

Kaleidoscope Dreams – Lightburst Media

Kaleidoscope Neon Colouring :Butterflies and more..

Kaleidoscope Neon Colouring: Sea Creatures and more…

Keep Calm and Color:Birds of Paradise – Marica Zottino

Ladybird book of Colouring

Little Witches and Wild Things – Kristi Elgaaen

Lolita Fashion – Glenn Song

Lost Ocean – Johanna Basford

Lovely Store – Ida Chaiki

Magical Beauties – Christina McAllister

Magical Dawn – Hanna Karlzon

Magical Jungle – Johanna Basford

Magical Unicorns and Fairies – Lightburst Media

Magic Totem – Nadiya Vasilkova

Magisk Gryning – Hanna Karlzon

Magisk Gryning Postcards – Hanna Karlzon

Mein Winter Spaziergang – Rita Berman

Mermaids – Selina Fenech

Messages from the Fairies – Doreen Virtue/ Norma J Burnell

Messages from your Angels – Doreen Virtue/Norma J Burnell

Mijn wonderlijke wereld (My wonderful world)- Masja Van Den Berg – book 1

Mijn wonderlijke wereld (My wonderful world)- Masja Van Den Berg – book 2

Mijn wonderlijke wereld (My wonderful world)- Masja Van Den Berg – book 3

Mijn wonderlijke wereld (My wonderful world)- Masja Van Den Berg – book 4

Mills and Boon: The Art of Romance

Mindful Coloring – Diana Elisabeth Dube

Mini Inklings – Tanya Bond

Min Mandala – Maria Ljungeld

Mysterious World of Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Roko

Mystical Cats in Secret Places – Honoel A Ibardolaza

Mystical Lands of Uchana – Karen Heyes

Mythomorphia – Kerby Rosanes

Mytologiska Vasen – Studio Lofstrom

Off the Beaten Path – Samarra Khaja

Paradise Island- Jane Heyes

Peter Pan – Fabiana Attensio

Po Drugiej Stronie Snu (On The Other Side of Sleep) – Karolina Kubikowska

Pop Manga – Camilla d’Errico

Posh Thomas Kinkade Painter of light Colouring Book

Press Out and Colour: Birds – Zoe Ingram

Press Out and Colour: Easter Decorations- Kate McLelland

Pride and Prejudice Colouring Book

Princess (stunning Korean book)

Princesses and Fairies – Tomoko Tashiro

Rainbow – Alena Lazareva

Rhapsody In the Forest – Egusa Kanako

Romantic Country – Eriy

Romantic Country:The Second Tale -Eriy

Romantic Country:The Third Tale – Eriy

Romeo and Juliet colouring Book

Sagolikt – Emelie Lidhalle Oberg

Sagor Och Sagner – Emelie Lidehall Oberg

Santa Claus the Book of Secrets – Russell Ince

Safari – Emma Fallman

Sci-Fi Babes – Stephanie A. Quinn

Secret Garden – Johanna Basford

Secret Garden Artists Edition – Johanna Basford

Secret Village – Sarah Janisse Brown

Skymningstimman – Maria Trolle

Snow White – Fabiana Attanasio

Sommernatt – Hanna Karlzon

Spellbinding Images: a Fantasy colouring Book of Witches; Extended Edition – Nikki Burnett

Splash of Color – Liz Libre

Strangeling – Jasmine Becket-Griffith (This is a book of her artwork, not a colouring Book)

Summer Nights – Hanna Karlzon

Sweet Dreams – Alena Lazareva

Tangle Bay – Jessica Palmer

Tangle Magic – Jessica Palmer

Tangle Wood – Jessica Palmer

Tangle Wood Collectors Artist Edition – Jessica Palmer

Tenderful Enchantments – Klara Markova

The Adventures of Pinocchio – Fabiana Attanasio

The Alice in Wonderland Colouring Book – Rachel Cloyne

The Art of Laurel Burch Postcards

The Aviary – Richard Merritt and Claire Scully

The Beauty of Horror – Alan Roberts

The Book of Beasts – Angela Rizza

The Candy Crush Soda Saga Colouring Book

The Colouring Book of Beautiful Gift Boxes: Christmas – Sarah Walsh

The Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes Amazing Animals and Beautiful Birds – Rachel Cloyne

The Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes Fabulous Flowers and Perfect Patterns – Rachel Cloyne

The Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes Unicorns and Rainbows – Rebecca Jones

The Colour of Love – Suzy Taylor

The Day We Finally Meet Poem Colouring Book – Mun Jeong Seon

The Fairytale Colouring Book – Tomoko Tashiro

The Fairy Tale Colouring Book – Rachel Cloyne

The Flower Year – Leila Duly

the Great British Colouring map – Ordnance Survey

The Journey – Asda ‘Tickled Pink’ Campaign

The Land of Dreams – Kim Sun Hyun / Song Geum Jin

The Lion Nativity – Antonia Jackson and Felicity French

The Lion Psalms – Antonia Jackson and Felicity French

The Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy Colouring Book

The Magical Christmas – Lizzie Mary Cullen

The Magical City – Lizzie Mary Cullen

The Magical Journey – Lizzie Mary Cullen

The Mysterious Library (Korean Version) – Eunji Park

The National Trust Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes:Flowers and Butterflies – Rebecca Jones

The National Trust Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes: Christmas – Rebecca Jones

The National Trust Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes: A Year of Celebrations – Rebecca Jones

The Night Before Christmas – John O’Brien

The Night Voyage – Daria Song

The Official Game of Thrones Colouring Book – George RR Martin

The Passive Aggressive Colouring Book – Charlotte Farmer

The Pomegranate Grove – Antonina Kalinina

The Snow Queen – Helen Crawford White

The Story of Pandora – Kim Sun Hyun / Song Geum Jin

The Tattoo Flash Coloring Book – Megamunden

The Time Chamber – Daria Song

The Wild Swans – Helen Crawford White

The Wizard of Oz – Fabiana Attanasio

Ticket to Dreams – Karolina Kubikowska

Tidevarv – Hanna Karlzon

Time of Memory – Kim Sun Hyun

Tir na Nollag – Ebony Rainn

Twilight Garden – Maria Trolle

Twisted Colouring – Leighton Noyes

Unwind In The Wilds – Sarah Taylor for Derwent

Vertical Worlds by Abi Daker

Victorian Romance, The Memory’s Wake – Selina Fenech

Vincent Van Gogh:Make Your Own Art Masterpiece – Daisy Seal

Vive le Color! Cats

Vive le Color! Horses

Vivi Soker En Van (Vivi Needs a Friend) – Maria Trolle

Welcome to the Christmas Market – Ruth Russell

Well-loved Tales Cinderella

Winter Dreams (Postcard book) – Hanna Karlzon

Winter Wonderland – Teresa Goodridge

World Fairy Tale Painting – Katogi Mari

Wuthering Heights: A Colouring Classic – Elisabetta Stoinich

You Colour Adult Colouring Book Mandala – Dicebird

Zemlja Snova – Tomislav Tomic


Books with Flip-throughs and/or reviews coming very soon

Into the Wild – Daisy Fletcher

Enchanted Fairies – Josephine Wall

Hansel and Gretel – Fabiana Attanasio

Disney Dreams Thomas Kinkade Colouring Book

Ivy and the Inky Butterfly – Johanna Basford

Gift Boxes to Colour and Make: A Year of Celebrations – Eilidh Muldoon

Press-Out and Colour: Christmas Decorations – Kate McLelland

Press-Out and Colour: Unicorns – Kate McLelland


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