Contact Me

If you are a Publisher of Colouring Books or the Artist of a Colouring book and would like me to film a flipthrough and review your book then please contact me with details. The artwork must be of good quality and it must be a physical copy that you would like to send me. I do not review pdf books.

I often colour at least one or two pictures in the book before I film and review, however this is subject to time constraints and other factors. This is not something I do with everybook. It must also be something that I would like to colour in. Some of the books I will keep myself, others that are sent for review I will donate to Willowbrook Hospice to be given to patients. I do not like cheap mass-produced books of “wallpaper” pattern-type designs. I can also review colouring supplies such as pencils, pens etc and would be very grateful for any donations of these either for myself or to give to the Hospice. If you have a press-release that you would like me to share with my fellow colourists again please contact me.

As well as my blog, I have a YouTube channel, a facebook page (although everyone seems to want to be my friend on my personal account which I also share my colouring posts too), post reviews to and SGG Coloring Book Reviews and others, and am an active well-known member of numerous Facebook colouring groups. Any pictures that I colour are posted to many group pages with full references to the name of the book, the artist and the mediums I used. I have practised Arts and Crafts all my life and previously attended Art college so I am very familiar with techniques,uses and products used to create artwork having done most myself at sometime. This experience means that I am well qualified to therefore recommend good products to others.

Thank you.