About and Review Policy

Hi I’m Hazel. I live in St Helens in the UK with my cat Susie. I’m addicted to colouring in my large collection of colouring books. I previously completed an Art Foundation and have done Art and Craft all my life. I now hope to share my experiences and take you with me on my colouring and reviewing journey.

Hi! I’m Hazel and I’m a Colouring Book reviewer. As well as this blog I also have a YouTube channel where I post flip throughs of the pages of colouring books; and have also now moved into tutorials/colour alongs, although I am still new at that. I began my blog and YouTube channel in April 2016 so I am fairly new to this game, however my YouTube channel has become popular and most of my flip throughs receive hundreds of views with some in the thousands. I receive complimentary books and products from UK and overseas publishers and manufacturers in exchange for review coverage, others I have purchased myself.

Unsolicited Items: I am very grateful for the opportunity to review but please do not send unsolicited items. An unsolicited item is an item that I did not not specifically request or agree to accept. It is always best to disclose the item to me so I can determine if the item is a good match with my interests. It is at my discretion if I will review an unsolicited item.

Review Times: Please note that review times may vary depending on many factors such as other reviews I have to do, my own personal creative activities schedule, life events, and when the book (or product) arrives. It is very beneficial to send the product as far in advance as possible so I can strive to publish my review around the book’s on-sale date. When a book arrives within days or just a week or  two before the book’s official on-sale date, I cannot guarantee that my review will be published in a timely manner. I always have lots of books/products on my “to review” pile so please do not inquire as to when my review will be posted. I usually post flip throughs to YouTube though fairly quickly as these are quicker to do, and I like to keep my subscribers at the forefront of new book releases where I can and many will make purchases based solely on seeing the book pages.


I give honest book reviews based on my own subjective opinion.  I am very careful in selecting books myself and/or accepting titles that a publicist suggests based on my interests.  I select and/or accept the books because I think I and others will very much enjoy  coloring in and thus, hopefully, can provide a favorable and glowing review.

However please note that despite careful selection my expectations may not be met. I might not end up being crazy for the art inside a coloring book or other factors. Please be aware that I may write a less than favorable review or no review may be written at all.

What Kinds of Coloring Books I Like: I love fairy tales and fantasy art, scenery, cute animals, people, literary themed and other pictorial books. I have a passion for international artists like Maria Trolle, Hanna Karlzon, Eriy, Egusa Kanoko and Klara Markova amongst others and collect beautiful colouring books from Japan, Sweden, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland and around the world. I am open to reviewing coloring books that were self-published.

I do not like coloring books filled with the following imagery: mandalas, abstract or geometric patterns, wallpaper patterns or doodles. I do not mind greyscale book howev er these must be your own artwork and not solely a book put together of stock images you do not own copyright for. I try to bring quality books to my subscribers.

Book Format: I only review print books. I do not accept digital copies, PDF colouring books or colouring apps for review.

Book Review Format: Reviews will include an image of the book’s cover, book data,  my subjective opinion,  links to the book on Amazon, Book Depository and The Wordery, disclosure statement. Colouring book reviews will often include a coloring, either an in-progress or completed colouring photo and an embedded video flip-through from my YouTube channel and/or interior page previews. I place a pen on the pages to protect copyright. For further information on the format please look through a selection of my reviews. I do however keep my reviews relatively short focusing on what my audience will be interested in and because my main audience is on my YouTube channel.


I give honest product reviews based on my own subjective opinion. I am very careful in selecting products myself and/or accepting product that a publicist suggests based on my interests. I select and/or accept the products because I think I will very much enjoy using them and thus, hopefully, can provide a favorable and glowing review.

However, despite careful selection, expectations may not be met because the product may not perform as expected. Please be aware that I may write a less than favorable review or no review may be written at all.

Product reviews will include a photo(s) of the product, color swatches, technical details, my subjective opinion, and “where to buy” links. As a colourist any product I use I state when I post my finished pictures to facebook groups which I do on a regular basis and at times I am quite prolific.

Product Tie-in with Coloring Books: If I love the product, I will prominently feature the product in a coloring book review — there is a chance the product could be featured multiple times.

If I feature the product in a coloring book review, the coloring book review will contain a link back to the product review.

Please note: I only accept “new-in-box” product to review — I do not accept slightly used product.


I am glad to host a giveaway on my blog for your book, colouring book, or product. I will handle all the logistics of the giveaway in exchange for the publisher/manufacturer shipping the item directly to the winner. Items should be shipped in a timely manner — preferably no later than ten business days after I share the winner’s contact information with you — and with some kind of tracking number. (If you prefer to tuck an extra copy inside the parcel and have me ship the item, please ask me in advance. Due to postage costs I may not be able to do this)

Review Policy created October 2016 and is subject to revision.

2 thoughts on “About and Review Policy

  1. hello Hazel, thanks for colouring the mermaid i did for Amelia’s Magazine colouring book. Contrary to what you said – I don’t think you ruined it at all. I know that feeling though. I think it every time I finish an image – ‘why didn’t I do it differently?’ Ha ha I think every creative has those moments.
    Anyway – what a fab job you did and how wonderful that you coloured every image.

    Well done and thanks again, Suzanne Carpenter @illustrator_eye

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Suzanne and I’m so pleased you liked it. I just felt disappointed as once I’d coloured it I felt I could have done it better using pencils and would have got better colour matches, and I really like your picture and felt it deserved a better result. X


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