Colouring Book Reviews · Tenderful Moments by Klara Markova

Tenderful Enchantments by Klara Markova



  • Format: Hardback
  • No of Pages: 112
  • Publisher: Klara Markova
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788027017256
  • SIZE: 25.7 x 21.9 x 1.7 cm 

I was so excited to receive this book as Klara’s first book is one of my very favourite colouring books and one I’ve very nearly completed and I had been looking forward to the follow up for a long time. I have to say she has outdone herself once again.


Tenderful Moments by Klara Markova (Nehyplne Carovnosti in Czech Version) like the first, is a beautiful Hard-backed book which is sewn-bound (It is the same size as both the first and the Swedish hard-backed colouring books). The front is a lovely turquoise colour with an illustration of a tiny house on a lotus flower. There is gold foiled detailing on both the illustration and title. On the back is a fairy on a lily pad and cushion highlighted again with gold foiling. The spine is in a textured navy paper again with gold foiling with both the book title and the author’s name. On opening the book you are met with beautiful black pages on the inside cover and first page. This is also repeated at the close of the book. You will also find a colourable bookmark with a pretty mushroom house and fairy scene inside every book, with a thumbnail of the books and website address (don’t miss the link below for freebies) on the reverse.  On the title page there is a lovely elf figure sat on a branch playing the violin. The following page is a delightful nameplate page with a fairy fast asleep on a cushion underneath the mushrooms.

The paper is smooth to the touch and a beautiful ivory smooth to the touch and is a medium weight, the same as her previous book. On the back of each illustration there is a simpler smaller design (one of five different which are repeated) with three lines so you can title and date your coloured picture if you wish.  If you don’t mind sacrificing this little design then you could easily use alcohol or water-based markers in the book. I would however place a spare sheet of paper behind that which you are working on. For those who prefer pencils it takes them wonderfully. I have also used watercolour a lot in the previous book so if you don’t mind a little bit of wrinkling and stiffening of the paper you can use your paints and wet media.


The illustrations are again based on a wonderful whimsical fairy world with little homes made in teapots and clocks or on top of a cake or flower, there are fairies and elves and cute woodland critters, mushrooms, flowers and berries. The designs are more detailed than the first book and every bit as lovely and I know I will again aim to colour this from cover to cover. There are more pages in this book, and again most are single page illustrations with three double page spreads this time including a gorgeous one of a fairy home decorated for Christmas.

Those of you who are familiar with the previous book will know of the special little feature unique to Klara’s books, and here again the back page of the book has two tiny doors to cut out and add to specific illustrations inside the book which you can open and close to reveal the ‘secret’ behind. I would recommend carefully cutting along the dotted line with a craft knife, but put something behind to stop you cutting through any more pages. Then push the tab of the door which you have cut out through the slot to hinge the door.

It’s a very special book and it’s one I will aim to colour cover to cover to make a wonderful keepsake and this is a definite ‘must have’ book.

I decided to colour this lovely picture of the fairy house inside the clock. This is one of the two pictures with the little doors that you can add and here you can see it closed with the fairy looking through the window and open revealing the room (the fairy must have left the room). I used Prismacolor Premier Pencils and they worked wonderfully.

Tenderful Moments by Klara Markova is available to purchase from (for inside Europe), and direct from Klara from the Czech Republic through her Etsy Shop. You can also purchase her previous book Magical Delights (Carovne Lahodnosti) from these three websites.

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I wish to thank Klara Markova for kindly sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review and flipthrough.

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