Colouring Book Reviews · The Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes Amazing Animals and Beautiful Birds by Rachel Cloyne

The Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes Amazing Animals & Beautiful Birds by Rachel Cloyne



  • Format: Paperback
  • No of Pages: 74
  • Publisher: Nosy Crow Ltd
  • Release Date: 6 July 2017
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781788000017
  • Size: 28.2 x 1 x 27 cm

The Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes: Amazing Animals and Beautiful Birds by Rachel Cloyne is a large square book. It is glue bound and contains 24 x Greetings Cards to colour, 24 x Envelopes to make and colour, and 24 stickers to seal the envelopes with. The cover depicts stylised animal motifs taken from various designs within the book. It is further decorated with gold foiling. Open the book and on the inside of the front cover is easy to follow simple instructions accompanied with diagrams of how to make your cards and envelopes, which is very simple as most of the work (except the colouring of course) has been done for you.

In The Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes: Amazing Animals and Beautiful Birds there are 24 cards to colour, all made from good quality cardstock and there are two per page. Perforated for easy removal (fold first along the perforated line then you won’t get any tearing mistakes), the separate cards are already almost cut out and scored down the middle ready for folding. This makes removal easy – just tear along the perforation and detach the small parts where each card is still joined. Then cut along the line near the perforated edge and the little ‘tabs’ that are left to neaten your card up and fold along the pre-scored line and you have a card sized 13cm x 13cm (5″ x 5″) square when folded. You can choose to colour the designs in the book before you remove them or take it out of the book and then colour it. The ink is crisply printed and of a consistant line (unlike my copy of it’s sister book British Museum The Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes Fabulous Flowers and Perfect Patterns by Rachel Cloyne).

This particular book is one of two Cards and Envelopes Books based on designs from The British Museum (It’s sister book is Fabulous Flowers & Perfect Patterns which I have also reviewed). The designs in this book are often very detailed, much more so than some previous Cards and Envelopes designs books. Some you may need fine liner pens or sharp pencils to colour. I would have preferred slightly simpler designs as some I found too busy, but you may disagree. The animal patterns are very stylised and are based on designs found on Mexican Mosaics, Turkish pottery, Chinese vases, Italian amphora and other historic museum treasures from around the world.

The perforations and cuts are crisp and well-done so removal is easy. None of the cards have messages on and so will be suitable for nearly any occasion. On the back of each card is a decorative “coloured for you by” plate with space to write your name on.

Inside each card you will find a simple motif on the left side with a decorative border on the right ready for you to write your message.

After the cards are the envelope pages. There are again 24 different designs, each made to coordinate with its matching card. These are made from good quality thick paper. To remove again tear out the page carefully along the perforation and cut along the line inside the perforated one to neaten the edges. All the folds are pre-scored so all you need to do is colour and follow the simple folding instructions on the inside front cover.

The envelopes feature a central design which will be the front of your envelope with coordinating designs on each of the main four flaps (see above) and a patterned wallpaper repeat design on the reverse which will be the inside of your envelopes (see below).

Some of the designs are detailed so would probably be best for the family and friends that you are giving the cards to by hand, although there are a few with simple corner motifs or ones that allow space for adding address details for those you wish to post. Personally I would always place these inside another envelope if I was sending in the post to save my work from grubby marks, but you can send them as they are if you wish. The last page of the book contains 24 stickers to seal the envelopes with. These are pre-coloured and cut out, all you need to do is peel them off the background sheet and stick down the main flap of your envelope to seal it.

It is a lovely book and of the two books based on treasures from the British Museum this is my favourite of the two.


The Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes: Amazing Animals and Beautiful Birds by Rachel Cloyne is available from Amazon., Amazon. com , Book Depository or The Wordery (Both with free worldwide shipping).


I was kindly sent a copy from the publisher, however all views and opinions are my own and are not influenced by this.