Colouring Book Reviews · Tidevarv by Hanna Karlzon

Tidevarv by Hanna Karlzon


  • Format – Hardback
  • No. of Pages – 96 Pages
  • Language – Swedish
  • Release Date – May 2017
  • Publisher – Pagina Forlag / Printworks
  • ISBN – 9789163612985
  • Size 21.6 x 1.5 x 25.1 cm

Tidevarv is the fourth colouring book by Hanna Karlzon. It is the same format as Hanna’s other books with a beautiful hardback cover, the same gorgeous smooth paper and stunning illustrations and is the same size as those previously. It is both stitch and glue bound, this time with a lovely lemon coloured cover with a butterfly design and gold foiling with black writing. The English version, which will be released in September will have a blue cover and will be called ‘Seasons.’ Tidevarv actually translates directly to ‘Era’ but this is lost in translation as the designs are based on the four seasons of the year.


On opening the beautiful cover you are greeted with black paper pages on the inside cover and first page. This is also repeated at the close of the book. Next there is a title page on the reverse there is the publishing details followed by a beautiful nameplate page which states “denna bok tillhör” which means “This book belongs to” then follows all the beautiful illustrations.

The book is in storybook format so the illustrations are printed both front and back (if you use alcohol markers you will lose the reverse, so if you wish to colour it all this way I suggest buying two copies). Pencils work wonderfully well, although I prefer to use my Prismacolor Premier’s on this paper due to the fact that I’m a bit heavy-handed sometimes with my colouring and as the paper is smooth I found with her previous books I flattened the tooth too quickly and white paper was still showing through when I used my Polychromos pencils, but I have seen some wonderful work in these books done with them so not everyone will find this problem, I guess it’s all down to your colouring style.

Water-based markers should be fine, but do check as this will vary depending on how juicy they are so best to test them out first. The ink is dark grey/black and like Hanna’s other books when you colour some of the ink from the reverse pages transfers a light print onto the opposite page. This is easily removed with an eraser and I have found when colouring this doesn’t present a problem to me. If you have a light hand when colouring you should not have this problem.


The illustrations are as beautiful as ever in Hanna’s distinctive style. This time the book follows the seasons from Spring through to Winter at the back of the book. For those like me who love Hanna’s ‘Punk Princesses’ (my description, many have tattoos and piercings) there are fifteen to colours, or eighteen if you count figures which aren’t just facial close-ups. There are gorgeous cute fairy-tale animals, beautiful bejewelled birds, insects and animals. Gorgeous flowers and mushrooms, potion bottles all in Hanna’s ornate  yet not overwhelming in detail style, which is why they appeal to both beginning and more advanced colourists alike as they look good simply coloured, yet also allow for more those more experienced to add their own details and experiment with techniques .

The seasons are often shown through the flowers or details; Spring there are seed bottles, snowdrops, easter chicks and flowers in bud, Summer there are more flowers, insects and strawberries, Autumn moves into berries, mushrooms. There’s a mouse helping a squirrel to harvest crystals, a witch and her cat for Halloween. The change to Winter is marked by icicles and snowflakes, candles, decorated tree branches, a beautiful reindeer with candle lanterns hanging from his antlers, and both birds and a cat and dog giving gifts. It’s lovely to see some Christmas themed illustrations this time. It’s hard to choose favourites in Hanna’s books as there are so many stunning and delightful illustrations to choose from, and like Hanna’s other books this will be one of my favourite books to colour.


I decided to colour these two lovely ladies from Tidevarv in Prismacolor Premier Pencils with highlights in white Posca Paint Pen and gel pen. I absolutely colouring faces and hair and will be definitely colouring more from this book.

At the moment Tidevarv is only available to purchase from Sweden. You can purchase it from, and if you quote hazel_Pw until 5th July you can get 10% off your order.

I have also noticed though that if you are in the UK the Dutch version ‘Tijdperk’ is available now through Amazon.

The English version will be called ‘Seasons’ and will be available in September through the usual retailers. It will have a blue cover, although some of the pictures are currently showing the lemon colour (no idea why Gibbs-Smith have chosen to change the colour this time). You can pre-order it now through Amazon.,, Book Depository and The Wordery (Both these have free worldwide shipping)

I was kindly sent a copy from the Swedish Publisher, however all thoughts and comments expressed are my own honest opinion.

Also Available by Hanna Karlzon. Dagdrommar / Daydreams, Sommarnatt / Summer Nights and Magisk Gryning / Magical Dawn. These are now available in both Swedish, English and other versions. They are also available as Postcard books and Artist Editions which are both one-sided with cardstock pages, but these have fewer pages. If you love alcohol markers though you may prefer these. There is also a postcard only book called ‘Winter Dreams.’