Colouring Book Reviews · The Tattoo Flash Coloring Book by Megamunden

The Tattoo Flash Coloring Book by Megamunden



  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Laurence King
  • Release Date: 14 March 2017
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781780679174
  • Size: 26 x 1.3 x 26 cm

The Tattoo Flash Colouring Book by Megamunden has a paperback cover with a skull and butterfly design on the cover. The book is both sewn and glue bound. The pages are a lovely cream colour with a smooth finish and are lusciously medium to thick paper. The ink is unusually a combination of crisp black and gold linework adding a special touch to this book – and it is just one of the many pages.

I have to admit I wasn’t initially excited about the idea of this book – until it came. If you like tattoo art you will love this. It is most likely the best tattoo colouring book there is out there. Not only is the paper and production great, but everything about this colouring book is quality.

Firstly it is jam-packed with tattoo designs to colour. Some of the pages are packed with multiple designs to colour. Other designs are a lot more intricate full page illustrations. There are tattoos of the weird and wonderful; from traditional type designs with mermaids, skulls, knives and banners; to biological type illustrations, a spider with a woman’s head, a three-person bicycle and many other designs many of which are hard to describe but they are all beautifully drawn in Megamunden’s unique style.


And that’s not all – I said this was special. You also get two beautiful double page pullout posters in the centre pages , and two pages of stickers to decorate whatever you wish to.

If you love Tattoo Art you will love this book. I highly recommend it.


The Tattoo Flash Coloring Book by Megamunden is available to buy from Amazon., Amazon. com, Book Depository and The Wordery (Both with free worldwide shipping).

I was kindly sent a copy from the publisher, however all thoughts and comments are my own opinion and are not influenced by this fact.