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Adventures In Color – Kaffe Fassett



  • Format: Paperback
  • No of Pages: 96
  • Publisher: Abrams Books
  • Release Date: 10 January 2017
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781419724336
  • Size: 21.2 x 1.3 x 30.2 cm

Adventures in Color by Kaffe Fassett is approximately A4 in size. The cover is paperback with small inside french flaps with a blue inside cover. The pages are stitch and glue-bound and perforated for easy removal. The paper is bright white, a medium weight and smooth but with a bit of tooth, which means it takes pencil very well. The illustrations are printed in crisp black fixed ink and the majority of the pages are illustrated on one side with a brief description of the picture on the back so if you don’t mind losing the details you could use your alcohol markers in this. There are also 10 tutorials which consist of a full colour page on the reverse with a repeat of the colour picture with notes and the black and white line-art to colour yourself on the opposite page.

Kaffe Fassett is a well-known textile designer known for his colourful prints and knitting and I will be honest I was really looking forward to this book. I have to say for myself I am disappointed. The ‘tutorials’ are really just a collection of Kaffe describing the colours he used and why and it is very brief. It may give a little basic information for new colourists but I really don’t feel it teaches much.


The illustrations themselves are mostly patterns – not something i enjoy at the best of times but as Kaffe is a textile designer I expected this. I did however feel that many of the designs were quite simplistic. They are obviously hand-drawn so they have a sketchy feel to the illustration, and are often off-centre. It is also worth remembering that Kaffe is famous for his use of colour and pattern rather than for his illustration skills so his drawing is far from the best in case this is what you were expecting. Some are very simple designs – like swirling clouds or outlines of bottles, balls, or pansy heads. There are some lovely designs though – I liked the elephant, the Italianate garden, the Chinese garden and the Indian paisley design which is more what I expected – very detailed textile patterns.

If you are a fan of Kaffe’s work or are a casual colourist you may really love it, it isn’t a bad book by any means. The designs are printed crisply so they are easy to see, its lovely that the pages can be taken out so you can frame them if you wish, and the idea of showing Kaffe’s thought processes along with a coloured example is a nice touch, and the paper is lovely; but for me as an experienced colourist and for many of you who like to add shading and effects to your pictures this won’t be for you. If however you just want to colour in to relax and switch off this may be for you. I just feel It could have really been something special (even if it was all patterns) coming from Kaffe but, I feel that it unfortunately falls far short and is simply a ‘nice’ book when it could have been so much more. Love his textiles but the book unfortunately not so much.


I chose to colour this lovely picture of a Maharaja on an elephant in Prismacolor Premier Pencils.

Adventures in Color by Kaffe Fassett is available to purchase from Amazon., Amazon. com, The Book Depository and The Wordery (Both with free worldwide shipping).

I was kindly sent a copy from the publisher. However all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by this fact.