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Frame Fantasia by Toc de Groc



  • Type: Paperback
  • No of Pages: 90
  • Publisher: Promopress
  • Release Date: 10 October 2016
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788416504442
  • Size: 24.6 x 1.3 x 24.9 cm

As a huge fan of Toc de Groc’s first colouring book Hidden Nature I was looking forward to this one and a little apprehensive that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. I need not have worried it is just as beautiful as the first, just a little different in format as you shall see.

It is the same square shape and size like the colouring books by Johanna Basford and Millie Marotta. The Front cover is a beautiful plain white thinnish card embossed  with a pretty design which you could colour and bring to life if you wish (and can see it clear enough). It has a loose smaller paper cover with a coloured design and the title which folds around it. On opening the book you will see the special lay-flat binding, same as used in the first book. This is glue bound but not to the book’s spine but to its own paper spine. It’s hard to describe but this means that the pages lay totally flat so you can colour right to centre.

The paper is bright white with black ink on the illustration side and peach with white ink ‘wallpaper design’ on the back, and it is a good medium weight. The paper is smooth and takes pencils beautifully and you could use water based markers here with no worry about them bleeding through. All the designs are single pages, there are no double-page spreads in this book.

However Frame Fantasia is more than just another colouring book. Each page is a picture frame covering different styles and genres. The frames are different sizes and shapes and the designs suit different themes from Halloween and Christmas, to cities, lace, paisley, patchwork, baking, afternoon tea, wedding, fruit, cacti, tropical flowers, a floral motorbike, jewellery box, Chinese fans and others including a family tree. The illustrations themselves are just as charming and whimsical as the first book, and the lovely little cat is back again making an appearance somewhere on every page at least once. The designs are fresh and modern and there is something to suit everyone. A few of the frames have a complete design but the majority have space for you to add your own photographs, pictures, message or drawing. There is even a set of decorative alphabet at the back of the book for you to copy or trace to make them into personalised pictures. Most pages have one frame although there are some with multiple frames.

At the back of the book there is also a stand for the picture frames, although I would suggest that you trace this onto card and cut out. at the beginning of the book it also shows briefly how you could mount your pictures onto card with the stand. It would have been useful to have had the instructions how to do this although it’s quite simple so the majority should not have a problem with doing this if you so wished. Or you could do what I intend to do and buy a ready-made picture frame ( you will need at least a 25cm x 25cm (9.8″x9.8″) square frame, and change the pictures around when I feel like a change.

It’s a lovely book and I really like the idea behind it and the designs are wonderful enough if you just want to use it as a colouring book, or make it a scrapbook full of your favourite photos and memories. Whatever way you use it is a beautiful book and I highly recommend it.


Frame Fantasia is available to buy from Amazon., Amazon. com, Book Depository and The Wordery (Both with free worldwide shipping).

I was kindly sent a copy by the artist. All comments are my own honest opinion and are not influenced by this fact.

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