Colouring Book Reviews · Faglar & Fjarilar by Nadja Wedin

Faglar & Fjarilar by Nadja Wedin



  • Paperback: 40
  • Publisher: Pagina Forlag
  • Release Date: November 2016
  • Language: Swedish
  • ISBN: 9789163612947
  • Size:  290 x 215 x 15 mm

Faglar and Fjarilar (Birds and Butterflies) by Nadja Wedin is another beauty fron Sweden featuring 20 beautiful illustrations of animals,birds and flowers. It has a card cover which is slightly thicker than the pages themselves, with a partially coloured illustration of one the lovely images inside with foiled gold lettering and a gold cloth-look binding. It is a ‘Tavelbok’ which is the equivalent to an artist edition in that it has fewer pages, but these are one-sided and luscious card-stock, so you can use any media you wish to. The 20 ivory card-stock sheets are glue-bound into the book and can easily be removed, although they seem fixed enough to not start to come out until you wish to remove it. The pages lie totally flat for easy colouring. It also has an unusual landscape binding although there is a mix of both landscape and portrait illustrations.

The ink is black and seems to be fixed fairly well so it shouldn’t run and ruin your colours if you use paints or markers. Some of the illustrations are more detailed than others but as the line work is crisp and clear and none of the details are too small to hinder your colouring anyone with decent-ish eyesight and motor control shouldn’t find it too much to colour.


The illustrations are beautiful stylised versions of nature, reflecting Nadja’s background as a textile designer. As well as the title beautiful birds and butterflies, there is an abundance of flowers and foliage, as well as a hedgehog, other insects and animals, and a cat. Three of the twenty designs are repeated; each having both a white background version and a black background one. All the designs are stunning though so you will probably wish to colour them again anyhow so I don’t think this is a negative (You can easily colour one for yourself and use the other as a gift).

It is a really beautiful book and the pictures will look fabulous coloured and perhaps framed afterwards. They would make wonderful gifts, although if you do bear in mind that the pages are slightly taller than A4 in size so you will need to measure carefully for your frame or to trim to size.


Faglar and Fjarilar by Nadja Wedin can be purchased from in Sweden who will ship nearly worldwide. At this time, Fåglar & fjärilar: Tavelbok is not listed on Amazon UK or US because no publisher has acquired reprinting rights.