Safari by Emma Fallman

Safari by Emma Fallman



  • Paperback: 40
  • Publisher: Pagina Forlag
  • Release Date: 10 November 2016
  • Language: Swedish
  • ISBN: 9789163612930
  • Size:  290 x 215 x 15 mm

Safari is a Swedish book of 20 beautiful grayscale illustrations of animals,birds and flowers by the Swedish Textile Designer, Emma Fallman. It has a card cover which is slightly thicker than the pages themselves, with a collection of some of the lovely images inside against a sky blue background with foiled gold lettering and a pale pink cloth-look binding. It is a ‘Tavelbok’ which is the equivalent to an artist edition in that it has fewer pages, but these are one-sided and card-stock, so you can use any media you wish to. The 20 card-stock sheets are glue-bound into the book and can easily be removed. The pages lie totally flat for colouring.

The ink is fixed well so there should be no running if you use wet media, and it is printed in gray tones to allow you to colour easily over the top of the illustration. This makes adding your shadows and highlights easy as they are already done for you – all you need to do is add colour over the top. Grayscale can look daunting, especially to someone who has never tried it before; but once you try it you will realise how easy it is (especially if it’s an illustration rather than a photograph) as you can just colour and let the shadows and highlights show through. Even beginners can create wonderful and professional looking pictures


The illustrations themselves are delightful – there is a Lima with a bow around his neck, pineapples and pears, a monkey with a ruff, cords and epaulettes, butterflies and exotic flowers, “Zebra-corns” (as Beth Cee named them), a tiger with a ruffled bib and collar, an elephant balancing on fruit, gold-fish, tropical birds, seahorses, chameleons, a flamingo, giraffe and bananas. I’m not sure the title “Safari” is quite the right title for the book, as that brings to my mind the Serengeti and the book theme seems more tropical and exotic to me.

It is however a beautiful book and the pictures will look fabulous coloured and perhaps framed afterwards. They would make wonderful gifts, although if you do bear in mind that the pages are slightly taller than A4 in size so you will need to measure carefully for your frame.


I decided to colour the lovely picture of the palm tree and the “zebra-corns” but as I thought it would be too obvious to just colour the stripes black I thought I would increase the fantasy aspect by colouring them in shades of lilac and purple for increasing the shadows. I added some white Posca paint pen to further highlight where the light catches them and to make their coats look shiny.

Safari by Emma Fallman will shortly be available to purchase to be shipped outside of Sweden from At the present time there has been a delay in getting it into stock but Emma has posted to her Facebook page that they have now received them so they should be up on the website shortly.

I was kindly sent a copy from the publisher. All comments are my own honest opinion and are not influenced by this fact.