Magisk Gryning - Hanna Karlzon

Magisk Gryning by Hanna Karlzon


Format – Hardback Cover

Total No. of pages – 96 (approx)

Size – 1.3 x 21.6 x 26 cm

ISBN – 9789163612688

Publisher – Printworks (Pagina Forlag)

Publishing Release date – 27 October 2016

Magisk Gryning (Magical Dawn) by Hanna Karlzon is the artist’s third colouring book (not counting her postcard books). It is still the same beautiful hard-backed cover book as her previous two; Dagdrommar/Day dreams and Sommarnatt/Summer Nights with around the same number of illustrations (I don’t have the number of pages but the spine looks like the same thickness). The cover illustration is that of a winged insect and surrounded by flowers and jewellery flourishes in Hanna’s familiar style, further highlighted with beautiful gold foiling  on a lilac background. It has black textured paper binding on the spine with a gold foiled title. On opening the book you are met with beautiful black pages on the inside cover and first page. This is also repeated at the close of the book. The paper is the same as the previous two books as it is sourced from the original paper mill. It has the same great quality, beautiful ivory colour,  medium thickness, smooth finish and gorgeous to colour on paper.

Flip the page and you are greeted with the title page with a frog prince (he’s wearing a crown) peeping out from a bejewelled trinket box. Turn the page again and on the left side you have the publishing details along with a little decorative crystal cluster and on the right the beautifully illustrated nameplate page this time with an assortment of decorative potion bottles.

Each page is double-sided and Stitch -bound to the cloth inside binding. It is bound in the same way as most hardbacked books. The only problem with it being a hard-backed book is the pages don’t lie completely flat which makes colouring into the centre a little difficult on double page spreads, but this is a problem with many paperback books too, and the pluses of the beautiful hardbacked cover and exquisite binding for me outweigh the minuses.

The illustrations vary with a mix of single and double page spreads. for those familiar with Hanna’s style you won’t be disappointed, there is no compromise on either the quality of the book itself or the illustrations. There is a mix of her usual flora and fauna, insects, birds, cute houses, beautiful women, crystals, keys in Hanna’s decorative style only this time we have a more magical theme. There are potion bottles and vials, winged animals, a fortune teller with her crystal ball, tattooed princesses, jewels and a sand timer.

Many colouring books have stand-out pages and other pages that seem to just fill the book out; those repeat pattern ‘wallpaper’ pages that you skip past uninspired. – Hanna’s books have none of those and this is no exception. Every page of the book is beautiful and makes you want to colour them all. I could easily have chosen completely different pictures to feature and they would still be as good as the ones I have chosen to show.


Most of you by now have probably seen many of the pictures coloured from her previous books even if you don’t already own one. I remember first buying Dagdrommar and I was afraid for a while to colour in it as I was worried I would spoil it. I thought my skills at the time might not be up to colouring in it and it looked daunting. Once i plucked up the courage I found that due to its smaller size even double pages feel less daunting than most. Of the many, many books I own my Hanna Karlzon books are the books I colour in the most. Although they are intricate and ornate there are never fiddly tiny bits which sometimes frustrate me. And the illustrations are so beautiful you want to colour your best to do justice them. I have learnt how to colour well from colouring in these books. Before them I had never tackled skin and hair as I thought it would be difficult, now they are my favourite thing to colour.

The book finishes with an illustrated insect on an apple (another creature wearing a crown) , then there is the same black loose page and lined inside cover that was at the front of the book. For any colorist who likes beautiful artwork this is a must-have book along with Hanna’s others. At the moment this can only be purchased from Sweden and other Scandanavian countries but like her previous two this also has the same US publisher who will release it in the US and UK in March 2017, if you can wait that long.

It really goes without me saying that this is a must have for any colouring book enthusiast as they really don’t get any better than this.

I decided to first colour the cute little frog prince from the title page and the stunning nameplate page in prismacolor pencils. I added some white Posca paint pen for the crystals, glass, pearls and stars. I also added a bit of glitter with a Wink of Stella pen although it does not show up on the photograph.

Magisk Gryning by Hanna Karlzon is currently available to purchase from Penstore. com with shipping from Sweden. Please note that there are three versions all with the same cover. This is the Malarbok (Colouring book). The other two are the Tavelbok (Artist Edition) which has fewer pages but they are cardstock, and Vykort(postcards) which is small postcard versions of some of the illustrations from the book.

It will be released in March 2017 as Magical Dawn and then will be available from Amazon. com and Amazon. and other book sellers.


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