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Magical Unicorns and Fairies – Maria Tiarra Venice Cadiz



  • Type: Paperback
  • No of Pages: 86
  • Publisher: LightBurst Media
  • Release Date: 10 May 2016
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780692710845
  • Size: 21.6 x 0.5 x 27.9 cm


Magical Unicorns and Fairies by Maria Tiarra Venice Cadiz and published by LightBurst Media is an A4 sized paper-backed book which is glue-bound. All the pages are one-sided so you won’t have to worry about ruining the back if you use markers. The paper is that of Amazon Createspace; it is thin and about the thickness of copier paper with a bit of a tooth to it. There is a copyright page followed by an introduction, then over the page are details of where you can share your coloured pictures. It has a glossy cover and has a beautiful coloured image of a pretty fairy with her floral bedecked unicorn on the front and on the back are three black and white thumbnails of illustrations from within the book. On opening the book you are met with a greyscale image of the front cover on the first page.

There are  35 colourable illustrations that feature on one side of the page only , so you could easily use alcohol or water-based markers in the book. I would however place a spare sheet of paper behind that which you are working on as I found that even with water-based felt tips there was shadowing and bleed-through. For those who prefer pencils it takes them well too, although a bit of blending may help as the grain shows a little due to the paper having some tooth (roughness), however you can layer as much as you like.

The illustrations are either of unicorns, fairies or both. They are generally very pretty and some of the illustrations are truly lovely, but I was disappointed and at first I wasn’t sure why. On closer inspection I realized bits of the artwork could have been so much nicer or seemed unnecessary to the picture. I found some of the backgrounds confusing as to what some things were. There are a lot of wiggly lines, swirls and patterns to fill in some backgrounds which I felt spoiled the pictures, especially as some were a bit messily done. I couldn’t always tell which was supposed to be the unicorns mane for instance and which was the background. Some of the main images have enough detail and fill the majority of the page so it didn’t need all this.

Yes, I know it’s hand drawn so there will be mistakes, but I found so many it stood out to me and some of these could have been put right with an eraser and pencil before inking in. I also don’t like the weird circular noses some of the fairies have, giving a snout like appearance, yet on other illustrations they are well drawn. Generally it’s a pretty book, but for me at least some of the fairies and unicorns I think I would have to cut out from the background and use them as decoupage or re-mount on blank paper first. Sometimes simpler is better, but this is just my personal opinion and others may love this. It’s just not for me.

Magical Unicorns and Fairies by Lightburst Media is available to purchase from amazon., Amazon. com, Book Depository and The Wordery (Both with Free worldwide Shipping)

I was kindly sent a copy from the publisher. However all thoughts and comments are my own true opinion and are not influenced by this fact.


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