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HBO Game of Thrones Coloring Book



  • Type: Paperback
  • No of Pages: 60
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books
  • Date Released: 27 October 2016
  • ISBN: 9781452154305
  • Size: 29.2 x 0.6 x 29.5 cm

HBO Game of Thrones Coloring Book is the second colouring book based on the book and tv series. This version is released by HBO the tv series makers and so this focuses on the epic fantasy tv series where as the previous version was aritsts interpretations of the book. It is a larger sized colouring book at 30cm x 30cm in size. The card cover has a half coloured illustration of the iron chair with a glossy pennant with the title in gold.

The book is gold and stitch bound and the binding is both glue and stitch-bound and the pages lie reasonably flat with a little coaxing, which is great as there are quite a lot of double-page spreads. The paper is smooth, white and has a medium weight. The ink is grey and fixed so it will not transfer to the opposite page as you are colouring.Water-based markers and paint shouldn’t bleed through, although as the pages are double sided I wouldn’t recommend using alcohol markers. Pencils work beautifully.

The illustrations are beautiful portraying scenes and characters from the tv show They are also very detailed. These will not be quick pictures to colour but projects, but they are so beautiful that they are worth it.However a lot of the detail you will probably colour over as a mass such as grass or clouds rather than colour each individually so it is not as bad as it may first appear. There are a mix of two-page spreads of sweeping scenery such as the castle at Winterfell, King’s Landing and The Eyrie, and scenes such as the Night Watch, Daenerys and the Army of the Unsullied and the White Walker Army.

There are also illustrations of individual characters such as Ned, Sansa and Arya Stark, Jon Snow (although he is with Ghost the wolf), Daenerys, Cersei, The Hound, Tyrion Lannister and other popular (or infamous) characters. These all are beautifully drawn and recognizable without having to read the accompanying title. For fans of the series I don’t think you will be disappointed with this beautiful book.


I couldn’t wait to colour this wonderful two-page spread of Daenerys escaping on Drogon. It’s a wonderful picture and I love the contrast of the black dragon against Daenerys’ white robes and the beautiful decorative frame. I used Prismacolor Premier pencils, a white Posca paint pen and a silver gel pen. I’ve never coloured a dragon before and colouring a black one was a challenge. I introduced different dark greys and added red and drew loosly to create texture and movement and I also highlighted the details with white Posca paint pen and coloured the details of the frame using a silver gel pen.

HBO Game of Thrones Coloring Book is available from Amazon., Amazon. com, Book Depository and The Wordery (Both with free worldwide delivery).

I was kindly sent a copy from the publisher. All comments and opinions are my own.



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