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Adult Coloring Book of Expressions by Deepak Srinivasa



  • Type: Paperback
  • No of Pages: 58 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date: 24 September 2016
  • ISBN: 9781537783956
  • Size: 21.6 x 0.4 x 21.6 cm

Adult Coloring Book of Expressions by Deepak Srinivasa is a self-published paperback book through Amazon Createspace. It has an interesting concept in that it breaks down faces into colour-by-numbers to create Pop Art style images. The book is smaller than most at 21.6cm x 21.6cm square. It is glue bound and has a glossy white cover with a few examples of the pictures inside. It begins with four pages of instructions and how this book is designed to help deal with stress by choosing the colours for you.

The format of the book is that there is a full colour photograph on the left page along with the title of the expression and the colour chart while the right page is for you to colour. The outlines of the pictures to colour are multi-coloured according to the key, although this doesn’t always work. There are only 24 illustrations to colour.

I can’t beat about the bush on this book. I really dislike it. When I received it I thought it looked more like a promotional pamphlet than a colouring book. Small books usually make up for the size with content and number of colouring pages (Think of the Escape to… series by Good Wives and Warriors) – this does neither. There are far too many stock colour images which I feel are there solely to pad the book out; there is really no other excuse to even include them in the first place. There are not enough colouring pages to do. Solely on this if I had purchased this book it would have been sent back to Amazon straight away for a refund. I usually do not mention the price, but for less than the cost of this you could buy a great colouring book from the likes of Johanna Basford, Daria Song and Millie Marotta. This is the market it has to compete in and it really doesn’t even try.



The coloured lines do not always correspond to the number; as it can not also relate to the colour on the opposite side of the line also it just makes it all confusing. It would have been better to have just stuck to plain black lines. I also found that I got confused and some of the ‘pieces’ do not have numbers. In the instructions at the beginning it says to just choose your lightest colour for these, but it all seems badly thought out and executed. The pieces to colour themselves range from quite large to very detailed. This book needed to be in a larger format as some of these details are unnecessarily tiny and as a colour-by-numbers book this means you have to own the keenest eyesight. The numbers are also too small – even with my glasses I struggled to make some out. Hardly a way to relax and unwind.

It claims to “Help you deal with stress, not just escape from it” then contradicts itself by saying “it can help you escape from stress”. Which is it supposed to be? If you’re confused why should I be any different? This has to be the most stressful, complicated and frustrating book I have come across. Save your money – there are far better out there for far less. Andy Warhol type Pop Art this is not.



I used Keynote felt tip pens to colour this image. I have to say I’m not impressed with it, even without my poor choice of orange it is just a mish-mash of random colours and the effect is just not pleasing.

Adult Coloring Book of Expressions by Deepak Srinivasa is available to buy from Amazon., and  Amazon. com

I was kindly sent a copy for review, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by this fact.


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