Colouring Book Reviews · Pen & Ink Illustrations, Restored District Williamsburg - Dawn D. Boyer

Big Kids Coloring Book: Pen & Ink Illustrations, Restored District, Williamsburg, VA Geographic Area – Dawn D. Boyer Ph.D



  • Format: Paperback
  • No of Pages: 114 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Historic District, Williamsburg VA, Geographic Area – Vol. 1 edition
  • Release Date: 29 April 2016
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1532968082
  • Size: 21.6 x 0.7 x 27.9 cm (A4)

Big Kids Coloring Book: Pen & Ink Illustrations, Restored District, Williamsburg, VA Geographic District by Dawn D. Boyer Ph. D has 50 hand-drawn illustrations on single-sided pages for wet media:markers and paints. It is A4 in size and has a glossy cover of one of the black and white illustrations on the front. On the back cover there are a few sample illustrations with a bit about the book and the author.

Opening the book there is an illustrated title page,  an introduction about the artist, the benefits of colouring, and about the book followed some thumbnail images of some of the illustrations. There is an Introduction about using the book for colouring, using it as a ‘Scavenger Game’ (for those who are familiar with the area to find where the illustration was drawn), and to use as fine art to frame (also available as canvas prints, posters, greetings cards, shower curtains and duvet covers!).

At the back of the book there is a bit more about the author and some web links. The book is glue-bound and the pages are one-sided black pen and ink illustrations. Due to this being a self-published book through Amazon Createspace the paper is thin, copier type paper with a bit of a tooth to it.



There is 50 illustrations all drawn in black ink. Some of the details are linework allowing you to fill in the spaces with colour; however there is also a lot of detail such as leaves, plants and textures and all you will be able to do is apply colour over the top of the area. Many of the drawings are quite dark and also have a lot of shadows so this is not aimed at colourists who wish to add their own shading and detail. The illustrations range from restored buidings, back gardens and alleys, along with some close-up details of things like lanterns, barrels and tools.

If you like historical buildings and architecture along with restoration, and/or are familiar with the area of Williamsburg then you will probably like this and I feel that this is the target purchaser rather than most colourists who I sadly feel will struggle to know what to do with this book, although I’d love to see what others could make of it.

This is marketed as suitable for wet media, however the paper is thin and so water should be used as sparingly as you can, and as it isn’t watercolour paper (which is pre-stretched) some wrinkling is to be expected as in most other colouring books. I have to say though that this wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be given the thin paper, and the wrinkles didn’t actually bother me.

Both Markers and paints shadow on the reverse and there is some bleed-through, especially with markers. For this reason I would suggest placing a spare sheet of paper (there is a page at the back you could cut out and use) to prevent marking the following illustration, however this is merely a precaution as I didn’t experience any. If you use alcohol based markers I would strongly suggest this.


I coloured (or rather painted) this picture in Derwent Inktense Blocks with a waterbrush in much the same way as using watercolour pan paints. As you can see in the picture of the back the paper does wrinkle and there is bleed-through of the red. For this reason I strongly suggest putting an extra sheet in front of the next picture, but as you can see the wrinkling does not spoil your work.

Big Kids Coloring Book: Pen & Ink illustrations, Restored District, Williamsburg, VA Geographic Area by Dawn D. Boyer Ph. D is available from and

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