Colouring Book Reviews · Throne of Glass Colouring Book - Sarah J Maas

Throne of Glass Colouring Book – Sarah J Maas


Type – Paperback Book

No. of Pages – 96

Publisher – Bloomsbury

Language – English

ISBN – 978-1408881422

Size –25.3 x 1.2 x 25.4 cm

Release date – 6 Sept 2016

Price –UK £9.99

I have to confess at first I thought Throne of Glass was one of the books in the Game of Thrones series. It is turns out that it is a completely unrelated book series of Young Adult novels by Sarah J Maas. For those like me who are unfamiliar; the story seems to revolve around 18-year-old female assassin Celaena, who has been imprisoned by the King. When the Prince needs a fighter to battle in the Royal Court and become the King’s Champion, and the promise that the last fighter standing at the end of the competition will be granted their freedom; Celaena rises to the challenge. However along the way she develops feelings for the two men protecting her. This is Cinderella gone badass!!!

Well that’s a brief synopsis of the story , but this is a colouring book review. The Throne of Glass Colouring Book is the typical square 25cm x 25cm format that we have become used to by now. The Cover is a matt white with grey outline print with a glossy partial-coloured illustration (which is the first in the book) teemed with a de-bossed and foiled gold lettered title. The ink is crisp and fixed so it doesn’t transfer to the other pages or run when wet, and ranges from a light fine grey line to a medium jet black.

The pages are glued and sewn into the binding, and with a little persuasion the spine can be bent a little so that they lie flat, although as only the right page is colourable there are no double-pages where this could really cause a problem. The paper is bright white and a good medium weight paper/light card-stock. The paper is smooth but with enough tooth for colouring with pencils. The paper is thick enough to take water-based marker.The layout of the the book is that the illustration is on the right page, while on the left is a short passage from whichever book in the series the picture is taken from. If you don’t mind sacrificing the text you could definately use your alcohol based marker in this, and although not watercolour paper this should cope easily with watercolours and Intense; just go easy with the water to limit wrinkling.



There are three illustrators who have contributed to this book – Yvonne Gilbert, John Howe and Craig Phillips. The illustrations are beautifully drawn, especially the characters. Some  are quite detailed but due to the crisp clean lines of the artwork, the majority will not struggle to colour it. Even if you, like me, had never heard of the books, the pictures are beautiful enough to stand on their own merit. I will certainly be colouring in it.This is not a cheap shoddy tie-in hastily thrown together just to raid the piggy banks of fans. The illustrations are detailed enough to keep advanced colourists interested in colouring, but not so detailed as to put off those who are still learning or just want to throw down some colours and have fun.

I think that it a beautiful book that will appeal to many whether they are fans of the novels or not. I highly recommend it.



I couldn’t decide which picture to colour first so I showed four to a friend and asked her to choose (Thanks Grisell). I used Prismacolor Premier pencils and they lay down and blended well. The paper really made the colouring a pleasure.

To create the wispy-ness of her cape I  first coloured the leaves,purple dress, candlestick and Celaene’s back lightly in the same colours I had used for the rest. I coloured gently with a light layer of blue (sorry, I cant remember which now), just deepening the colour slightly where the folds were. there’s quite a bit of detail in the picture yet it didn’t seem to take me much longer to colour than most. I’m very pleased with how pretty it turned out, although I now realise I forgot to colour the skin of the other people in the picture.

I was kindly sent a copy by Bloomsbury in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts are my own true feelings and are not influenced by the fact that I was sent a free copy.


Throne of Glass can be purchased from,, Book Depository and Wordery (both with free worldwide shipping) and other good book stores.


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