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Time of Memory by Kim Sun Hyun


Type – Paperback Book

No. of Pages – 80

Publisher – St Martin’s Press

Language – English

ISBN – 978-1250112477

Size – 24.6 x 1.3 x 24.6 cm

Release date – 6 Sept

Price – US $14.99/CAN $20.99

Time of Memory by Kim Sun Hyun is a Korean book that is now being re-printed by St Martin’s Press in English and will be available in UK, CAN and US. It is a glue-bound, paperback book with  fold out french flaps. The paper seems glued well enough to crack the spine to colour into the gutter on the double spread pages.The paper is a medium weight and has a good tooth for pencils and if you’re careful should be able to use most waterbased markers as I tried Stabilo Power felt tips and there was no bleed-through although there was some slight shadowing it wasnt enough to prevent me from using them or spoiling the other side.

The first and last page of the book is a pretty lilac paper. There is a pretty to and from page to colour which  is a lovely touch if you are giving the book as a gift to someone, followed by a decorated title page on the back of which are the publishing details; then another larger decorated title page, followed by a double page of written notes by the Art-Therapist author then you are finally into the book. Each of the four chapter’s have a title page with a bit of writing that’s almost poetry written on it, At the back of the book there are thumbnails of all the pictures, a few written pages about art therapy and a few blank sheets marked ‘drawing’.

The Linework is of a medium-weight and the pictures are not too detailed making it ideal for both beginners, those with poorer eyesight or manual dexterity problems, or advanced colourists who like to add their own creative touches to pictures. there is a mix of both double-page spreads and single page illustrations to colour. The illustrations focus on the four seasons and takes you on a journey through the year. Spring is full of flowers and birds; Summer has fans for when it’s hot,umbrella’s for when it rains (lol – maybe Korea has British-like summers), watermelons, plants and seashells. For Autumn there’s a Scarecrow, leaves, acorns, conkers and pinecones and squirrels in woodland , and finally for Winter we have Knitted woolen wear, snowscene, a snowglobe, Poinsettia’s and Snowflakes. The illustrations are very calming, therapeutic and pretty.

I think that it is a very pretty book and is suited to most colourists from beginner to advanced; although if you love lots of details to colour this may be too simplistic for you. I also personally dislike the writing as I prefer to colour rather been told the benefits of colouring – I know the benefits from doing it, and I feel these are wasted pages. These however are minor niggles and it is still a lovely book which I’m sure will be a favourite for some.

I was kindly sent a copy to review from publishers St Martin’s Press

Time of Memory is available from 6 September from,, Book Depository, and other major book retailers.



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