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The Story of Pandora: A Fantsy Coloring Book by Kim Sun Hyun Illustrated by Song Geum Jin


Type – Paperback Book

No. of Pages – 80

Publisher – St Martin’s Press

Language – English

ISBN – 978-1250112460

Size – 24.6 x 1.3 x 24.6 cm

Release date – 6 Sept

Price – US $14.99/CAN $20.99

The Story of Pandora:A Fantasy Coloring Book by Kim Sun Hyun Illustrated by Song Geum Jin is a Korean book which has been re-printed for the UK/US/CAN market. It is a glue-bound, paperback book which is approx the same 9″x 9″  as most popular colouring books. The pages are glued in well enough that bending the spine to colour in the gutter should not be a problem as many of the pictures do cross over to the opposite page. The paper is a medium weight and has a good tooth for pencils and if you’re careful should be able to use most waterbased markers as I tried Stabilo Power felt tips and there was no bleed-through although there was some slight shadowing it wasn’t enough to prevent me from using them or spoiling the other side.

The Illustrations are beautiful and very unusual. They are also very intricate and detailed so this is definitely a book for sharp pencils, fineliners, good eyesight and manual dexterity. It is a book I would recommend for more advanced colorists than for beginners. There is a mix of single page and two-page spreads although some of the pictures only have a few small details that overflow onto the opposite page. This gives creative advanced colourists the scope to add their own art details or play with background techniques while others may view this as wasted paper and struggle to know what to do with it.The illustrations however are so beautiful I can overlook this problem.

The first and last page of the book is  peach coloured paper. There is a pretty to and from page to colour which  is a lovely touch if you are giving the book as a gift to someone, followed by a decorated title page on the back of which are the publishing details; then another larger decorated title page, followed by a double page of written notes by the Art-Therapist author then you are finally into the book.  The style is hand-drawn and sketchy and the differences in the intensity of the ink shows this. It is often more grey than black lines, but I like this as when coloured most will blend in better. At the back of the book there are thumbnails of all the pictures, a few written pages about art therapy and a few blank sheets marked ‘drawing’. The theme of the pictures is based around Alice In Wonderland, and the artist’s style works wonderfully with this creating a stunning dreamlike world.

I have to admit though I had no idea how I was going to tackle colouring these pictures at first so I found the artist’s original paintings to give me some idea with colours. The Artists’ name however is Song GUM Jin, not Geum as on the book cover. If you google that for images, or you can see my folder on Pinterest to see the originals to hopefully inspire you as the colours are truly stunning.

If you like this artist’s work, released the same time is The Land of Dreams which is  the same style only this time is based around animals. I also have review and flipthrough for those.

The Land of Dreams is out 6th September and is published by St Martin’s Griffin who kindly sent me a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review. It is available through,,  Book Depository and other major booksellers.


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