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Doodle Animals: A Wonderland of Beautiful Critters to Color by Matt White


Paperback – 92 Pages

Publisher – Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (24 July 2016)

ISBN – 978-1535470100

Size – 21.6 x 0.5 x 27.9 cm

Doodle Animals:A Wonderland of Beautiful Critters to Color by Matt White contains 45 stylized animal images on one-sided paper. Matt is self-published so it is Createspace paper which is thin, however it takes pencil well and if you place a spare sheet behind the one you are colouring it will stop it bleeding through to the next, and as it is one-sided you can use alcohol markers on it. It is glue-bound and non-perforated, however you could easily remove any pages with a Papercraft knife.

Some are full animal drawings while others are just the head and it contains a variety of Animals; from mammals to sea creatures, fish, birds and reptiles. The hand-drawn images are quite detailed so this is one for good eyesight, sharp pencils or fineliners in places – however as it is broken into segments  you could colour a complete segment in one colour and just have the black detail show through if you like as this would still be a lovely effect and will just add texture. Some of the details are already filled in with black so i found they were deceptively simple to colour and found it relaxing. If you like colouring zentangle patterns and animals there is enough variety and with 45 images it will keep you occupied for quite a while.

The images I think invite you to use a variety of colours and/or mediums which would look wonderful and in-keeping with the collaged look, or you could just keep them simple in tones of one colour. Either way they will look lovely – go experiment and have fun! These images would also look beautiful glittered and adorned with paper-crafting embellishments such as gems and flat-backed pearls, which you can’t really do in a colouring book unless you remove the page; which I can see myself doing at some point to do this. Certainly on the fish pictures I can see myself using pearlised paint and stick on gems for bubbles, and adding my own water design backgrounds. You could certainly add backgrounds to these if you wish, or just keep them simple its up to you.


I fell in love with the little baby rabbit and had to colour him in first. The doodle patterns stopped me from thinking in terms of realistic ‘bunny’ colours so I just had fun. I didn’t think much about which colours to use where and just went for a patchwork effect and enjoyed colouring the little details. I love the little house scene and his flowery ears – makes him look like he’s made of fabric which really adds to the patchwork effect. I added just enough shading on his nose and paws to make him look a little more three-dimensional and I’m really pleased with how he turned out and I found it a quick picture (even with my speed – I can sometimes colour two or three pictures in an evening!) and completed him in about an hour. I’m looking forward to getting my felt pens and my neon pencils on the next few pictures when they finally arrive, and raiding my card-making stash for embellishments.


Doodle Animals by Matt White is available from or


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