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Mijn Wonderlijke Wereld (Book 4) by Masja Van Den Berg


Mijn Wonderlijke Wereld (Book 4) by Masja Van Den Berg has a beautiful yellow cover with a Peacock design and blue foiling. It comprises of 46 of Masja’s beautiful artwork. Inside you will find a mix of paisley patterns, florals, mandalas and stylised patterned animals, fish and birds.

The artwork is exquisite with both a Scandinavian and an Indian influence which sounds like an odd combination but Masja combines these two influences so well. The pages are professionally glue bound, double-sided and the paper is nice and of a thick quality. The print quality is precise clear black lines of a medium thickness, and even though it is quite detailed it is not overly so and is suitable for all levels of skills. The book itself measures 24.8 x 24.8 cm.

The paper quality is the same in book 1 where i found that Markers (water-based) work fine from my tests and pencils work beautifully. It is unsuitable for alcohol markers though due to it being double-sided; those babies will bleed through anything! This book has been made with a lot of love and care, and it shows.


I decided to colour the beautiful peacock double-page spread using similar colours to the front cover as I loved the colour combination Masja had chosen. The paper is good quality with a good tooth to allow lots of layering. I used Prismacolor premier pencils, Hansa Yellow Pan Pastel for the background and added a few details with Luna Jayne Glitter gel pens


You can buy Mijn Wonderlijke Wereld Book 4 now from Masja’s Etsy Shop. She ships worldwide from The Netherlands. I don’t have a release date yet but it will also be available at a future date through Amazon UK/US/Canada sites and other good book sellers.


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