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Creative Faces by Andreja Vucajnk (L’il Miss Doodle)


Creative Faces

by Andreja Vucajnk

Amazon Createspace Publication

ISBN: 978-1533534668  Size: 21.6 x 0.4 x 27.9 cm  (A4)

Creative Faces by Andreja Vucajnk (Li’l Miss Doodle) has 24 beautiful illustrations of lovely ladies. At the back of the book there are also another 4 pages with smaller images of some of these as a postcard size with two per page, and there are yet another two pages with four bookmark images to colour, cut out and laminate. This makes Creative Faces great value for money.

As it is a Createspace publication the paper is good quality copier paper so is quite thin, however do not let that put you off. The printing is clear and the lines are black and a medium thickness so they are easy to see without being too thick.  This paper takes coloured pencil better than some better quality thicker paper; both my Prismacolor Premier and Polychromos pencils love it!

The pages are all single-sided so you can use any markers you want (Just slip an extra sheet of paper between the one you are colouring and the next to prevent any pencil ridges or marker bleed-through). If you wish to use watercolour pencils and paints I would however recommend photocopying the page first onto card or watercolour paper as this paper is too thin to take the water. Or you could use a blender pen to activate your watercolour pencils or inktense in the book.

The images are so beautiful and I am absolutely in love with this book. I can’t recommend it enough. At the moment I’m thoroughly enjoying colouring faces and practicing my blending skills; however the images are so lovely and there are enough details that even coloured in solid colours the pictures will still be beautiful – and they are so much fun to colour! you do not need to be a great artist to colour this book – as long as you like and can colour detail your pictures will turn out gorgeous! Most are framed so there is no colouring into the spine to worry about here. Here are some of the lovely images

Aren’t they just stunning! Here are the two pictures I have coloured so far. Both were coloured using Prismacolor Premier Pencils.

Andreja also has a lovely website She has some beautiful free printables and ideas of things to do and make with children, so check her site out!

Here is the flipthrough of the entire book.

Creative Faces is available through Amazon sites

I was sent this book to review. All comments are my own true and honest opinion.


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