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Color Me to Sleep by Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter


Color Me to Sleep

by Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter

Published by Race Point Publishing (£10.99)

Color Me to Sleep is written by Art Therapist Lacy Mucklow  and Illustrated by Angela Porter. It is soft backed, measures 22.2 x 1.9 x 24.8 cm and has a whopping 208 pages making this good value. Isbn :978-1631062377

The book starts with an introduction about the importance of sleep and the role colouring can have on achieving it. It is then divided into six chapters, each with a brief introduction and a few coloured pages before the main colouring sections. The six chapters are Peaceful Environment, Cozy Comforts, Quiet Getaways, Relaxing Routines, Sleep Scenes and Fantasies and Dreams. Each colouring page is single-sided (although they have a decorative pattern on the back which you could colour) and the paper is a decent middle weight  with enough tooth to take pencils well, however as it is single-sided it is well-suited to marker use (just put scrap paper underneath if use alcohol based markers to prevent any bleedthrough marking the next page).

Each chapter is also themed to fit the title of the book or chapter well – Quiet Getaways has a hammock between two palm trees, Cosy Comforts has mugs of hot chocolate and cushions etc. There are many sleep and relaxing related pictures – beds, baths, candles, sleeping animals, moonlight scenes and lots of not overly detailed Mandalas (you can’t have a Zen colouring book without Mandala’s, lol). The book then finishes with an Afterword.



It is very different than most colouring book in taking its therapeutic approach – many claim they are Art Therapy books yet they are just pictures and so it is nothing more than a marketing ploy – what makes this one different is it actually is what many claim to be. If you like this one there are also lots of other books in the “Color Me….” range; including Color Me Happy, Color Me Calm and Color Me Stress-Free among others, all with the same format.

As an insomniac I feel this is a book to help me to sleep, the pictures are small and simple enough to complete in an evening, while still having the amount detail that I love to colour. Once I start colouring I find it hard to put the book down until the picture is finished so these are the perfect size for me. I highly recommend this one and will be colouring from it very soon.


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