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The Tattooed Princess -from Sommernatt (Summer Nights) by Hanna Karlzon

Tattooed Princess finished

Here is my coloured page of the beautiful tattooed princess from Hanna Karlzon’s wonderful hard-backed book Sommernatt, which is released in the UK/US and Canada on 2 July as Summer Nights.

I fell in love with this picture when i first saw the book and as I started to see many wonderful coloured artworks in the many facebook groups I felt a bit daunted and kept putting off colouring her as I didnt think my colouring was up to the standard to do her justice. With a bit more practise and surprising myself on colouring in Inklings by Tanya Bond and my Snow White picture from Jasmine Becket-Griffith: A Fantasy Art Adventure I decided now was the time to give her a go.



I suggested it as a colour-along in one of my groups. A lot of the group felt the same, but took the plunge anyway- and the results so far have all been stunning! Grisell was particularly daunted – and she’s stunned herself, her princess has turned out absolutely gorgeous! It was particularly nice to bounce ideas back and forth on colour choices – it was Grisell who suggested the blue hair, so thank you to her for that.

I used Prismacolor Premier pencils for this one in colours (I think) PC943 or PC945, PC928, PC929, PC927 for her skin colour. I also used Faber-Castell Soft Pastel in yellow for the background colour which I applied direct to the paper then smoothed it out with cotton-wool and a cotton swab for the details.

I also added a few white highlight with a fine tipped Posca Paint pen. I love my Uniball Signo white gel pen usually for details, but it doesn’t always work so well on a burnished layer of pencil. The Posca worked great, but getting it to work was tricky – you need to push the tip in a few times to get the paint to flow – then too much comes out, so if you get one, you’ll need scrap paper to test on and a tissue! Wish I had got the slightly thicker felt tip pen type nib instead now  as would probably have been easier.

All in all I am really pleased with how she turned out and loved colouring this exquisite picture- and I can’t wait for my second copy to come so I can colour her again at a later date!


Here is Grisell’s version – isn’t she beautiful!


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