Colour with me, Mum by Jasmine Narayan and Hannah Davies · Colouring Book Reviews

Colour with me Mum! by Jasmine Narayan and Illustrated by Hannah Davies


Colour with me Mum! Colour, Create and Connect with your Child by Jasmine Narayan and Illustrated by Hannah Davies , is published by Race Point Publishing (£10.99). 208 pages. A side-by-side Book. ISBN: 9781631062384.

One side has more intricate artwork for you to colour, while the opposite page has a simplified one for your child to colour. Together you are colouring a single piece of art connected across the page. The book also includes 100 questions to generate thoughtful responses from your child, and how best to communicate with your child through colouring.


Paper is a medium weight and water-based black marker (FC Pitt Pen) did not show through from the back, so this book should be fine for using most water-based markers and felt tips on, and great for pencils. The designs are beautiful – just the right level of intricacy for mum and simpler yet just as interesting for your child. The book itself is beautiful and well-made with stitched pages which lay flat so no matter where you are colouring in the book there is no colouring in the gutter. I wish all colouring books were as beautifully and thoughtfully made as this one. I love the coloured backgrounds too – it really finishes the picture and makes it look stunning.

I highly recommend this book if you want to colour alongside a child – whether you are a mum, grandma or even a babysitter – take this one with you and some pencils and you’ll both be kept amused and occupied. However I would also recommend it to anyone who likes to do a little bit of zentangling – you can colour the intricate picture and add your own zentangle patterns to the other before colouring them both to complete the picture.

Happy Colouring!

My full flip-through of Colour with Me, Mum! here on YouTube



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