Colouring Book Reviews · The Magical City - Lizzie Mary Cullen

The Magical City – Lizzie Mary Cullen



The Magical City – Lizzie Mary Cullen

Amazing book. The pictures are just gorgeous. At a first glance they look a little bit hard to make out but as you start to add colour they just burst into life. It’s a little bit like doing a jigsaw.

Lizzie’s illustrations are all swirls and no straight lines. Buildings flow organically with the water, Sky and smoke. They’re all about the atmosphere – which you create with colour.

The paper is white and of a decent quality. I used water media (inktense pencils) and it did warp and wrinkle a bit but I don’t mind this and feel it adds to the sketchbook feel, however if you want to keep it in pristine condition this is something to keep in mind.

Once you get over the daunting feeling you first get with the book, and just start to add colour, it starts to come to life. It’s all about having fun with a riot of colour and throwing out the rule book.

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