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The Harry Potter Colouring Book



Harry Potter Colouring Book

The cover is beautiful with gold highlights, the pages however differ apparently in both colour and quality. My copy the paper is quite good – nice bright white, fairly good thickness and tooth, but this might be one to buy from a store rather than online then you can see the quality of the paper yourself.

I have to admit when I got it I was slightly disappointed – there are quite a few wallpaper filler type pages which are a bit rubbish, and quite a few pictures with thick black outlines. There are also pages of objects, house crests.

What is good about it is the illustration pages are lovely detailed images to colour which look like the film characters and scenes, and there are enough of them to justify buying it. It also has some lovely colour photo pages of stills from the film and artwork for you to copy the colours if you wish to, or are nice just to look.

If you’re a Harry Potterr fan then you will like it, but as a colouring book it is nice, but there are better ones out there for the same price.



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