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Tangle Bay – Jessica Palmer



Tangle Bay – Jessica Palmer

All the fun of the seaside – with a twist. In the whimsical world of Tangle Bay; donkeys recline on deckchairs, puffins surf, fish ride bicycles and queen Elizabeth the first is a mermaid.

The book itself is smaller than most, but it’s a little gem. The outside cover is soft but not just a paperback cover. The paper is beautiful quality (I used waterbrush and it hardly buckled) and the binding is stitched to cloth which means you can lie the pages very flat to colour into the seam easily. I wish all double-sided colouring books were bound like this.

The pictures are beautiful but most are not overly detailed; making it great for a beginner, or if you want to colour something simpler and quicker.

There are mermaid, lighthouses, fish, seagulls, crabs, donkeys, ice creams, parasols to colour. Some are two page spreads, some single, some more detailed, others simple. There are also some “frames” where you can draw or stamp your own image.

In all, I love this little book.

Here’s the link to my YouTube flip-through.

No. of pages: 80
Publisher: Search Press
Size: 21.5 x 1.5 x 21.5 cm

Where to buy:

At the moment Morrisons in the UK have it for £5 (9 April)

Tangle Bay: An Enchanting Colouring Book with Hidden Treasure…/1782214135/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_OD…
– free delivery worldwide. Please check for details…


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