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Romantic Country – Eriy



Romantic Country – Eriy

Eriy’s books are unique. She hand draws all her illustrations with ink and toothpicks – she went through 7000 of them drawing this beautiful book.

Romantic Country features Eriy’s imaginary land of Cocot – “the land of beautiful towering castles”. It has a lovely vintage feel to it of a bygone simpler age. There are pictures of the buildings, shops full of cakes and bread, tea shops, pretty landscapes, cosy fireside and a tree house. It’s a fairytale book. There’s even a little duck that wanders through the book pages.

The paper is Ivory in colour, which suits the vintage look. It is good quality paper very similar to that in Millie Marotta or Johanna Basford’s books.

So far only Romantic Country 1 is available in Western countries, but there is a second and third book.

Flip through, review and demo


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