Colouring Book Reviews · Paradise Island:Color your World - Jane Heyes

Paradise Island:Color your World – Jane Heyes



Paradise Island: Colour your world -Jane Heyes

The book is quite small for amount of detail and that’s the main problem. It is sized about an inch smaller than A4 printer paper in both length and width; and it is probably the most highly detailed book I have ever seen.

The pictures are stunning. Think tropical paradise; beautiful peacocks and flamingos, Indian tapestry’s and elephants, lush exotic foliage. There’s no denying the beauty of Jane Heyes’ work. The majority of the pictures are two page spreads.

The quality of the paper is pretty good. It takes water based markers ok, which is a good job because I think the only way to colour most of the designs is fine-tipped markers. Even the sharpest of pencils will struggle.

If you’re up for a challenge, this book is certainly that. I’ve coloured a few myself and they’re lovely, but I was frustrated after a while with the tiny detail. Made bigger it would have been an amazing book.

It seems to be a difficult book to get hold of. I could not find it outside the U.S. Online. I bought it from a local garden centre In the UK and have since seen it in a few others so that may be the way to go if you would like it.

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