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Hidden Nature – Toc De Groc



Hidden Nature – Toc De Groc

Fresh modern florals mixed with cute animals is probably the best way I can describe this book. There’s a little kitten that appears at least once on every page; sometimes in full view in others you have to look harder to find her. Pictures range from typewriters to giraffes, cakes to buttons. It’s a very pretty book.

The paper is bright white and has a unique lay-flat binding which means you can colour into the seam. The downside to this is pages easily come loose, yet it’s such good quality I can overlook this problem. I tried my Crayola Supertips markers, which have quite wet ink on it without any bleed through so you shouldn’t have problems with water based markers.

Some of the pictures though are very similar to those of the Beautiful Day / Happy Days colouring book, so if you have that you may want to look for more images from the book before you decide if you want it or not.

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