Colouring Book Reviews · Sommernatt - Hanna Karlzon

Sommernatt – Hanna Karlzon

The long-awaited Sommernatt by Hanna Karlzon, and her follow up to the stunningly beautiful Dagdrommar has been released in Sweden


The Stunning Hard-backed Front Cover

The book is hard backed with a beautiful pale pink cover with a delicate jewellery type design embossed with gold. It is definately the Ferrari of the Colouring Book world – it is simply stunning!

It is slightly smaller than A4 which helps make the beautifully detailed pictures more inviting to colour as it makes them less daunting than they may first appear.

The paper is Ivory in colour and beautiful quality. Hanna has confirmed that it is the same paper used for Dagdrommar so if you have the first you know what to expect.

The designs are equally as beautiful as her first book. Birds, fish, frogs, cats, insects,mice, cute houses and women combine with beautiful florals, gemstones and keys in pictures to resemble ornate jewellery.

Of all my 30 something books, this will definately be one of my very favourites.

For those that don’t mind the shipping costs (in total the book and postage cost me approximately £17 in total) I will post a link at the bottom to Penstore in Sweden. It will be released June in the UK as Summer Nights and 7 June in the US. Dagdrommar to be released at the same time in the US as Daydreams, 7th July in the UK. Both are available as pre-orders on Amazon.



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