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Blomster Mandala – Maria Trolle


Released to rival/compliment Sommernatt is Maria Trolle’s stunning Blomster Mandala. It is the same size as Sommernatt and is equally as beautiful.

Last years Blomster Mandala not only has the same title but much the same cover, only this time a little pink rabbit peeks between the flowers, and that’s not only where it differs. This new version is the colouring book, the old the artists edition poster book – only this time it has the cutest animals on the pages. It also has some of the pictures from the original book, but as i don’t own a copy I cannot compare the two to tell you.

The illustrations are stunning. Beautiful florals, cats, foxes and the cutest bunny lie between the pages. Between the two books I cannot pick a favourite, so if you’re thinking of ordering Sommernatt seriously consider ordering this as well.

Again this is only available through Penstore in Sweden at the moment that I know of. There is no release date for it in the UK/US that I know of. There is a version of it called Wild Flowers available from Amazon Japan. It is, I’m told, a mix of both this and the previous Blomster Mandala. You can also get the poster book still (Tavelbok) or postcards (Vykort). This version is the Malarbok (Colouring Book) for those who want to order and are confused by the three versions listed.

Where to buy:

Penstore in Sweden (top left corner click flag for English)

The Beautiful Hard-backed Cover.



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